The overall aim of this project is to provide a supporting toolkit for helping policy makers in their decisional process and for improving the effectiveness of public policy evaluation in the field of labour market analysis, social security programs and retirement behaviour.

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The project development is based on two main activities:

1.      developing a unique and innovative dataset by matching administrative data coming from INPS (the National Institute for Social Security) administrative longitudinal archives with survey data produced by ISTAT (National Statistical Institute);

2.      developing a dynamic micro-simulation model for the analysis of the Italian labour market and pensions system, in particular as concerns the adequacy of pensions and their related distributional aspects.

The proposed toolkit is intended to provide practical help and guidance to policymakers when addressing the European agenda, specifically in the context of the Open Method of Coordination whose common objectives in the field of pensions are to provide adequate and sustainable pensions by ensuring: (a) adequate retirement incomes for all; (b) the financial sustainability of public and private pension schemes, bearing in mind pressures on public finances and the ageing of populations; (c) that pension systems are transparent, well adapted to the needs and aspirations of women and men and the requirements of modern societies, demographic ageing and structural change.

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