The Department of the Treasury

The Department of the Treasury, carries out activities of technical support for the Government’s economic and financial policy choices, draws up macroeconomic strategies and the most relevant programming documents. Analysis of national and international economic, monetary and financial problems;

  • European Union and international economic and financial matters;
  • Drawing up of economic and financial planning directions, in relation to the convergence and stability constraints resulting from Italy belonging to the European Union;
  • Coverage of the financial requirements, indebtedness, management of national and foreign public debt and financial transactions, as well as analysis of the relative trends and flows;
  • Regulations of the financial and banking system and supervision over banking foundations;
  • Currency-related fulfilments and by contrast recycling and usury phenomena;
  • Financial management of State equities, exercise of shareholders’ rights, transfer and placing of State equities on the financial market and relative inquiries;
  • Consultation for pre-resolution activities of CIPE (Interdepartmental Committee for Economic Planning) and relative fulfilment for aspects for which the Department is competent;
  • Management of the internal mobility within the Department and personnel specialized training.

The Department of the Treasury is divided into four staff offices, seven Divisions and a Departmental Service.

Division I is responsible for : Preparation of economic and financial planning documents; Domestic and international economic, financial and monetary analysis; Statistical information and monitoring of Italy’s economic developments; Analysis of public accounts.

In the application of it’s functions the Division is involved in many European and International research projects



Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

Established in April 1971 in order to carry on the social and cultural work started up by the former minister of Labour, Giacomo Brodolini – to whom we owe approval of the historic STATUTO DEI LAVORATORI (Statute of Labourers) – the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation is engaged in carrying out research activity and cultural promotion by adopting a precise scientific method and an interdisciplinary approach meant to foster the dialogue and the continuous exchange between the social forces involved. Activities focusing on issues related to: economy, sociology and labour law; formative policies and equal opportunities are part of the Foundation’s job.

The Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini philosophy is that work is the major means of social inclusion, since it furthers the individual’s integration and participation in the history of his or her times, and contributes to the development and enhancement of the personality and, indeed, of human dignity. The Fondazione Brodolini has put labour at the centre of its activities – from research to cultural promotion – with the aim of exploring and discussing the most topical and pressing issues concerning employment, labour protection and social security, adopting rigorous scientific methodologies and an interdisciplinary approach.

The Fondazione Brodolini works in collaboration with the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) and belongs to such international research networks as RLDWL (Regional and Local Development of Work and Labour) and IWPLMS (International Working Party on Labour Market Segmentation). Since the year 2000 it has been working on technical assistance on labour policy to the European Commission Directorate General for Employment and Social Affairs; it is also a member of the European Employment Observatory (EEO). Since 1967 the Fondazione Brodolini has been bringing out Economia & Lavoro (Economy & Labour), a four-monthly review of economic policy, sociology and industrial relations, and Labour, a quarterly review in English published by Blackwell, dealing with labour economics and industrial relations.

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